Make Your Brain Smarter

Have you ever done a crossword puzzle or Sudoku, hoping that it would make your brain sharper? Well, it may make you the best crossword-puzzler on the block, but there is not strong scientific evidence to support that the benefits spillover to more sophisticated cognitive functioning, like decision-making, planning and judgment. The good news is that these higher-level thinking skills—controlled by our brain’s frontal lobe command center—can be improved with the right exercises. In Make Your Brain Smarter: Increase Your Brain’s Creativity, Energy and Focus, renowned cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman introduces you to the very latest research in brain science and shows you how to tailor a program to fit your own needs. You are never too young or too old to adopt healthy brain habits that strengthen the brain's capacity to think smarter. 


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Former Dallas Cowboy Daryl "Moose" Johnston shares why he got involved with the BrainHealth Institute for Athletes and encourages other athletes to get a baseline of their brain function.

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Teach and mentor others in your areas of expertise to expand their brain performance. Micro- managing squelches brain productivity.

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"I don't want to grow old and feel bad, either physically or mentally. That's why I exercise my body and my brain daily. Thanks to the pioneering brain research being done by Dr. Sandi Chapman, we c..."
T. Boone Pickens   |   Legendary Entrepreneur

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